24 May 2020

The Devil made me take down my political party website.
So I may reupload it in the future if God tells me to.

*26 June 2019

*Anti - Mental Health.

*I want to close down all mental institutions.
Including parts of hospitals that have mental health parts.

*I also want to stop forced medication.
That means no one including children or adults can be forced to take medication/ injecetions/ other etc.

*I want to seperate Metnal Health from government.

*Anyone who commits a crime will go to jail.
Not to a mental institution.
Regardless if they are deemed mentally ill or not.

*Any 'necessary' care needed for patients will now be done at home.
By a Carer(s).
There will be a new Carer's allowance/ payment etc; For Carer's.
Carer's can be anyone who will look after the patient E.G. Parents, siblings, etc.
So because this will now be done at home.
There is no need for mental institutions.
It also doesn't matter if there is anyone there to take care of them or not.
If that patient commits a crime then they will go to jail.
In fact no patient needs to be cared for.
If that patient commits a crime then they will go to jail.
So there is no reason to take care of patients.
This allowance is only for those who want to be cared for.
If a patient doesn't want to be cared for then you will not qualify for this payment.

*So I want to seperate mental health from Government.
*I want to close down all government funded mental health.
*I also want to make it illegal to force anyone to take medication/ injections/ etc.
So You Can't force someone to take medication without their consent.

*(27 June 2019) You can find more information on the main page as well as my Christian website.
Link. (27 June 2019)

*Homelessness, Housing, etc.

*I want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on building new cities across the countries.
Each city will start off with around 100 thousand houses and I would build more houses as the years go on.
I will try to build these cities along the main train lines.

*I will also put in a new rental assistance payment.
Which is.
You will be paid up to $400 or $500 a week help cover weekly rental cost.
So You Will get a maximum of $500 a week to cover rental cost.
So it will be up to $500 per week.
Only those who are welfare recipients will receive this benefit.

*(30 June 2019) It starts at $0 etc.
So there doesn't have to be a minimum you have to go over in order to qualify for the rental assistance.
It starts at $0.
It covers from $0 up to $500. (30 June 2019)

*So by building more cities with houses and implementing this rental assistance.
There will be no homelessness other then by choice or tempory homelessness due to natural disaster etc.

If there are 100 000 Government houses built for a city.
Half will go to welfare recipients and the other half will go to private market as in anyone can rent the government houses.

My government will also give the opportunity for welfare recipients who are renting a government house to own their house.
So instead of paying rent to the government.
Instead they will be paying off the cost of the house and other costs.
So if the government house cost $200000 to build and government land is free.
The welfare recpient will pay off a $200 thousand debt to the government.
If the renter etc is receiving rental assistance.
They can use that money to pay off the debt.

The Government will also help people buy a house.
The government will pay/ buy the house/ land you decide to buy and the Government will pay for it.
Then you will pay off the Government.
So You Will decide which house you want.
Then the government will pay for it.
Then you will pay off the Government.

Renting a government house can never be kicked out of the house if they are unable to pay the rent or loan etc.
If for whatever reason a renter can not pay their rent.
They will not be kicked out of the rental property.
If a person renting is receiving rental assistance.
The government can deduct their rental payment from that payment and then the welfare recipient will receive whats left.
No one will be kicked out of a Government renatal property because they can not pay rent.

If a renter is a welfare recipient and receiving rental assistance.
If they get a job and do not qualify for welfare anymore.
They do not have to vacate the rental property.
But continue to rent it.

The houses will have at least 5 bedrooms, 2 to 3 bathrooms with toilets, etc.

*(29 June 2019) As Stated On the main page.
Something like 'If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day.
If You teach a man to fish.
You feed him for life.'
There are many organisations out there helping and feeding people which feed a man for a day.
But I want to get into government and make law changes building houses and making more farms which will feed a man for life. (29 June 2019)

*(18 April 2020) I thought about this housing problem and this is what I want to do now.
Maybe the government will build new citites accross the country.
Cheap housing like shipping containers or cabins whatever works and is cheap.
Or what I want now is.
Anyone can pick a house on the private marker and have the government pay for the house and you have to pay back the loan to the government.
So anyone not just people on welfare.
But anyone can do this.
So people can pick a land and build a house, or get an already existing built house etc.
So the government will pay for your house.
But you will have to pay the loan back to the government.
So this means anyone can own a house now.
You just have to pay the government back.
Even if it takes you a life time.
So the housing problem will be fixed from this.
Also Not only will the government give you a loan for houses or land and houses.
But the government will give a loan for cars as well.
Now everyone can get a electric car/ vehicle.
So the government will pay for things you want.
Houses, electric cars, computers, phones, access to internet, whatever, etc.
But you have to pay the governmetn back through a loan.
So now everyone can have access to these things.
I believe everyone has the right to own a house, car, and so on.
So that is what my government will do.
However I don't know if my governmetn will be building more houses and new cities or just stick with what I just said.
Which is to buy houses or land and house already on the private market.
It will be cheaper to build shipping container houses or cabins or whatever material is good.
Of course you may not like the sound of shipping containers but you can't complain because you don't have a house or the money to get a house.
You get what you are given.
In fact I don't have my own house So I would be glad if the governmetn draw up free empty plots of land and put fences around them and pitch up a tent and have a bathroon with shower and toilet somewhere either on the land or near by.
So no I can't complain what I am given.
No one can complain.
You either take it or you go homeless.
Thats is what people have to understand the government don't have money to build you luxury houses.
You have to be content with what you are given.
Also if you are on welfare.
The mortgage or whatever you owe to the government will be automatically deducted from your payment.
And for people who are not on welfare but working.
They will have to manually pay back the mortgage to the government.
Also if you for whatever erason are unable to pay back the mortgage You will not be kicked out of the house.
You will have to provide reasonable reasons etc. Or Whatever. Such as hardship or whatever.
So my government will Give you houses, electric cars/ vehicles, computers, phones, and whatever else.
Thats what I believe countries should do.
But can the government do this? Does the government have the money to do this? I don't know.
But I will do it anyway.
The government is going to be in debt anyway.
So might as well be in debt for the right things. (18 April 2020)